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The Atelier

The Atelier


Focusing on a slower approach to fashion, we design and handcraft all pieces in Sydney, Australia. With our first release, ‘A Blank Canvas’, we have created a core collection that can evolve and grow over time rather than following the trends and cycles of fast fashion.

Adopting a thoughtful approach to craftsmanship, we offer a design-led collection of products that we manufacture locally, ensuring the highest quality standards while also supporting the local economy. We are proud to oversee every step, from birthing the original design idea and developing each piece into a finished, quality product before our eyes.

Our leather is sourced from Italy, and is chosen for its high-quality finish, just as our partner’s tannery is chosen for its strict ethical and environmental standards. We use Nappa bovine leather, which has a distinct suppleness that lends itself to our brand’s relaxed and luxurious appeal. We also use polished brass hardware, commonly used in equestrian tack for its strength and durability. It’s distinct look and feel is a KEEVIL trademark.

True craftsmanship lies at the heart of our brand. Never foregoing respect for our materials and our customers is intrinsically important to us. This sense of respect and care influences all that we do and create.

KEEVIL is committed to producing all of our products as responsibly as possible. Although we are not perfect we have strived to create the most sustainable supply chain model we can and as we grow we will continue to focus on our social and environmental impact. 


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