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Designer Profile

The pillars of craftsmanship, freedom and longevity that KEEVIL stands upon are rooted in the upbringing and passions of Cofounder and Designer Jessica Keevil.

From a young age, Jessica would cut up material patterns and choose second hand clothing items to reinvent, developing her own sense of creative expression. Her mother, also a designer, favoured the saying, “why buy that when I can make it myself?” which instilled a sense of confidence in Jessica’s own ingenuity when it came to fashion. She developed an understanding of how things are made and how they can make you feel. Slow fashion, with its appreciation of quality and craftsmanship, therefore resonated with Jessica and inspired her future creative endeavours.

Later pursuing a career in fashion, Jessica studied handbag design in Milan, Italy, under some of Italy’s leading designers, solidifying her traditional techniques and inspiring the development of her own brand. KEEVIL’s focus on craftsmanship is motivated by Jessica’s time with Italian Masters yet is also a reaction to her own fast fashion ‘hang over’. Upon realising the headache caused by over consumption, Jessica set out to create pieces that would reconnect the consumer with good design and purpose. KEEVIL seeks to empower, encourage a sense of minimalism and bring back a sense of ‘feel-good’ in the modern woman’s everyday life.

A strong passion for horses and competitive riding also imparted in Jessica values of patience and perfection and inspired her love for leather which is now intrinsic to her brand. Years as a competitive horse rider, meticulously caring for her leather tack in preparation for competitions, developed Jessica’s affection for this resilient yet luxuriously malleable material. When Jessica moved to Milan to study, her time in Italy solidified a love for the textural beauty of buttery soft Italian leather. Reminiscent of her horse riding days, supple leather is now key to her designs.

Using traditional Italian techniques, Jessica now designs and cuts all her own patterns from her Sydney studio. She imparts her passion for design into every item, returning to the true nature of an artisan with her first collection ‘A Blank Canvas’.


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