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Product Care

leather care

All of our products are crafted from the finest quality Italian Nappa leather which through tanning has been rendered particularly soft and supple. Hug it, squish it, wear it every day. Like a well worn saddle your bag will take on its own rich patina over time.

Our bags are made from full grain bovine leather which may include natural markings such as tonal variations, scars, veins and wrinkles. These characteristics make every hide beautiful and unique and should not be considered as imperfections.


To ensure your bag ages beautifully, we recommend that you;

Do not overfill, as this may cause stretching and deformation.
Avoid contact with water, grease, perfume, makeup etc. Should your bag get wet or come into contact with any of these substances gently dab with a dry, lightly coloured absorbent cloth.
Avoid contact with coarse or abrasive surfaces. If scratches occur most can be reduced by gently massaging with fingertips as the warmth brings natural oils to the surface causing them to disappear.
Keep out of extreme heat and minimise exposure to direct light.
Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Always store upright and in dust bag. Never store in a plastic bag as the leather will sweat.

To clean your bag we recommend using a natural leather conditioner. Apply the conditioner to a soft dry cloth and gently rub in a circular motion. Always test on an inconspicuous area first.

Never use any topical cleaning products. Instead use a suede brush to remove any excess dirt and help preserve the natural nap of the leather. 

Be aware that dyes from dark clothing and other surfaces can transfer to your bag, especially when wet.


Brass is extremely strong and durable but due to the nature of it can naturally tarnish or darken over time. Avoid damp surfaces and contact with products such as makeup, perfume, hand creams etc. To clean and shine hardware, add a small amount of Brass Cleaner to a soft cloth. Rub onto hardware then polish off. Be sure to remove any excess polish and avoid any polish coming into contact with the leather. 


Due to the delicate nature of our silk tassels they are prone to creasing and kinking, but rest assured that hanging the tassels freely will allow the strands to fall back into place and flatten out naturally. If tassels become matted, gently comb with finger tips before hanging.


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